Things You Must Do When You Are In Lagos

With Lagos, three words come to mind; business, pleasure, and traffic. It would be a gross injustice to describe it any other way. Characterised by its vigour and an intensely motivating atmosphere. Lagos can be viewed as the blood supply of the nation. The centre of excellence it is called, but if the nation were human, Lagos would make up its entire circulatory system. If the nation were a cup of coffee, this city would be the cream that has risen to the top.
Lagos prides itself as a megacity primarily because of its location. It is popular opinion that a city is only as great as its inhabitants. The huge population of Lagos contributes a great quota to its megacity status. The population of Lagos’ working class largely accounts for its economic prowess and stability.

Prepare for Beautiful Sandy Beaches

The coastal city of Lagos, Nigeria has several sandy beaches along the Atlantic Ocean’s shores. A few of such beaches are Elegushi Beach, Badagry beach, Oniru Beach, Bar Beach, Tarkwa Bay and Alpha Beach.

It also has several private beach resorts including Inagbe Grand Beach Resort and several others.

If Nature is your favourite; then, Lagos has got your back!

The Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) Is a 79-hectare urban nature park along Lekki- Epe Expressway.
Things to do at Lekki Conservation Centre
• 401 – meter long canopy walkway: One of the most scenic attractions in Lagos, this canopy walkway is reputed to be the longest in Africa.
• The family park
• Floor games, which include Ludo, Snakes and Ladder, Chess and Draught
• Six and eight seater family huts

Or Better Still, you just want to appreciate creativity through Art; then, Lagosians have their talent displayed in well Craft Arts at different Galleries

There are arts and culture centre in Lagos that consist of indigenous art, food and literature. The Best rated so far; is Terra Kulture – It houses an event centre theatre for the performing arts. Terra Kulture has been home to numerous art exhibitions, book readings, plays and language classes since its creation in 2014. Terra Kulture is also one of two art auction houses in Nigeria.

If you are a lover of art, learning and Nigerian cuisine, consider stopping by at Terra Kulture, Kalakuta Museum, Red Door Art Gallery and Nike Art Gallery for a memorable experience.

And of Course, It goes without saying that “No One Parties Like Lagosians”

Despite all the hustling, the stress of traffic, and tension of working a 9am to 5pm job; Lagosians are still a lot cheerful as they never hesitate to enjoy themselves to the fullest whenever they have the chance. This why bars and nightclubs frequented by fun seekers are always filled out in the evenings.

The Hustle is Real in Lagos, We Need to “Unwind from Hustle and Bustle”

Don’t leave Lagos without experiencing our night crawling at any of our luxury clubs (ensure to have a full wallet, food/drinks are quite expensive ) – Escape Night Club, Club Quilox, Prive Lounge, Sip Lounge, Hard Rock, COVA Lounge etc.

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