Building Tomorrow; Africa Leading

The AF’s are always an opportunity for the gathering of those with business interests in Africa to meet on the grounds of learning and promoting quality market research on the continent. Africa Forum 2019, the third of AMRA’s annual conferences, is proudly anchoring in Lagos – Nigeria, a vibrant city and the most populous financial center in Africa.
This Conference would highlight futuristic thinking and focus on the many great and innovative things happening in the continent that affect marketing and marketing research in the African market.
We know that we can help to build a world in which we are more confident for tomorrow because we have invested our talents to shape it.

Africa Marketing Research Association

AMRA, The Africa Marketing Research Association, is an association of associations whose sole mission is to promote quality market research in Africa. AMRA was established in 2016 and is a non-profit membership body for market, social and opinion polling research associations and organisations in Africa.

AMRA's Aim

  1. Ensure professionalism in the market research, social research and opinion polling industry in Africa
  2. Share market research, social research and opinion polling knowledge and skills across Africa markets and countries
  3. Promote Africa market research, social research and opinion polling to the rest of the world
  4. Partner with member associations to build the confidence of the rest of the world in Africa research


Represented at AMRA Events
Ideas and interconnections to grow in Afric
To share research knowledge and skills out of Africa.

Africa Forum 2019

On Monday 15th to Wednesday, 17th of April 2019, the World’s marketing practitioners and businesses interested in Arica, shall converge in Lagos, Nigeria for a one-of-a-kind marketing and opinion research conference. It would start with training workshops on the 15th and the main conference starts on the 16th
What makes this conference different from usual? It’ll get everyone focused on forward-looking market research endeavours and fresh direction for the industry in Africa.
Get ready for advanced thinking that would jolt local businesses, steer the research industry into touching lives and facilitate growth in the economies of the continent.


Building Tomorrow

Africa Leading


15th – 17th April 2019 Lagos Nigeria.



Sami Ghabrial
AMRA Chairman

On 11 April 2017 the AMRA Directors elected the first AMRA Chairman, Sami Ghabrial (Managing Director, Marketeers Research, Egypt). Sami is a Telecommunication Engineer, with an MBA degree (The American University in Cairo), with the concomitant logical mind and sense for the meaning behind numbers. His marketing management expertise was obtained with two great institutions: Xerox, with its best management practice and healthy business culture, and Pepsi with its great marketing. He has attained cross industrial experience and learnt to manage well new challenges in interactions with great clients such as UL, P&G, GM, RB, and PMI in many countries and across cultures. Sami has created a wonderful team of young and enthusiastic professionals within Marketeers.


Jane Nzomo is a co-founder of Consumer Options Kenya Limited, a full service market research firm established in 2004, with a track record of providing research based solutions across Africa.

Jane brings to the industry more than 20 years of market research experience, having worked at Research International (now Kantar) for five years as a qualitative account director.  She has worked in a number of markets across Africa and her experience spans a number of private, public and SME organizations across various industries, including FMCG, telecommunications, financial services, Ad agencies and real estate developers.

She holds a degree in Business Management and Leadership.

Jane Nzomo is a founding member of the African Market Research Association (AMRA) and a former chairperson of the Marketing & Social Research Association (MSRA) in Kenya.


Joy, an expert in consumer-centric growth for businesses, and an ardent believer in citizen development through research-directed strategies for a new Africa, has built over 20-year experience in Marketing Management and Market & Social Research from both client and agency sides. With experience in most of the fields of marketing and opinion research, she currently heads Decision Support, a full service Market & Social Research agency, which conducts research in several African countries.She serves as Nigeria Representative for ESOMAR (a global body of market research professionals)  and recently won the Best ESOMAR Representative award, Emerging Markets. Before her new role at NiMRA, she was the Association’s Vice President and is a NiMRA Fellow.  She represents Western Africa in the Management Committee of the African Market Research Association (AMRA).Beyond the research world, Joy interacts with others across the globe with interest to highlight the Africa’s potentials, brainstorm innovative ideas and activate on various pressing issues in the continent.

Develop an interface for requesting quotes, with associations input.

Develop an interface for requesting quotes, with associations input.